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OTTs, 2022 trends and BT's Andrew Lord on QKD and hollow core fibre

In the last episode of series 3 – and 2021 – we look at network costs, monetisation opportunities and future mobile trends.

Natalie covers the OTT 2.0 debate that is unfolding in Europe – as network investments demands grow, should the tech companies contribute towards telco network capex?

Outlining a new money-maker for the industry, Saf explores the 2022 outlook from Analysys Mason, which said more will venture into gaming next year. And Alan brings us the headlines and highlights from the latest Ericsson Mobility Report, which states 5G will become the fastest deployed mobile generation to date.

Joining the conversation this week we welcome Andrew Lord, senior manager of optical networks and quantum research at BT. Andrew – who features in our December/January cover story – talks about QKD, global security solutions, hollow core fibre and the growing demand for quantum physicists.

Season 3, episode 12 is presented by editor Melanie Mingas, and features editor-at-large Alan Burkitt-Gray, deputy editor Natalie Bannerman and reporter Saf Malik.

Before we finish for the year, a huge thanks to all the guests who joined us in 2021 – we've enjoyed each interview and we look forward to welcoming many more next year.

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