Ekinops to upgrade IKOULA backbone

Ekinops to upgrade IKOULA backbone

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Ekinops has been awarded a contract to upgrade IKOULA's backbone network between data centres.

Reporting a "tremendous growth in customer traffic", IKOULA will use the Ekinops PM 200FRS02 200G FlexRate™ coherent line card to upgrade its existing Ekinops chassis that are already transporting traffic on multiple 10G cards. The line card is used in 100G mode, instantly multiplying the capacity of this line by a factor of 10 to handle the current traffic load.

“The heart of IKOULA's activity is to support the many requests from our customers without increasing the response time, while providing a second to none quality cloud infrastructure,” said Ludovic Berrier, IKOULA network manager.

This latest development builds on a 10-year relationship between the two, which has previously seen IKOULA lean on Ekinops to connect data centres in Reims and Eppes and an internet point-of-presence (PoP) in Paris.

However, IKOULA has seen its customer base grow to 25,000 across more than 60 countries on four continents, driving the need to upgrade.

“IKOULA is positioned as a dominant cloud player on the French market and is happy to be able to rely on French technology from Ekinops,” added Ludovic.

Thierry Varona, sales director France at Ekinops said: “Our optical transport solutions enable service providers to radically transform the speed of their networks. The FlexRate technology will allow IKOULA to more easily adapt to continued service growth without compromising on quality of service.”