Colt introduces GDPR-compliant Binding Corporate Rules

Colt introduces GDPR-compliant Binding Corporate Rules

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Colt Technology Services has received official approval of its Binding Corporate Rules (BCRs) from the European Data Protection Board (EFPB).

The news makes Colt one of less than ten global companies with EFPB-approved Controller and Processor BCRs, and according to the company, the only voice and data communications provider in the world to have obtained GDPR-compliant BCRs.

Approved BCRs are data protection policies used by EU companies to transfer personal data outside the EU within their group and can be found on the EFPB’s website. These rules follow all general data protection principles and they are legally binding for every company within the group. As such, it gives customers peace of mind that the company is focused on security and protecting their data.

“Customers are increasingly asking questions about our data protection and security posture, and the BCRs that have been approved by the European Data Protection Board set out our policies very clearly," said Caroline Griffin Pain, general counsel at Colt.

"We are unique in the market to achieve this seal of approval for data protection, under the new tough GDPR as Controller and Processor, so customers working with Colt have peace of mind around their data. As part of our social contract we truly care about keeping customers’ data safe, which is why we can offer the safest network and the best data protection assurance in the world.”

Earlier this month, Colt partnering with N2S over the last six months, confirmed that its has trialled an e-waste solution that uses microbiological techniques and living organisms to extract precious metals.

As Colt explained it, with bioleaching "the waste undergoes an enhanced recycling process" to identify any components made from precious and rare earth metals that are suitable for recovery.

In addition, the company also confirmed that it will offer connectivity to Oracle Cloud for businesses in Singapore.