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Project Kuiper launch dates; telco negotiation tactics; and GSMA's Stephanie Lynch-Habib

In this unofficial mobile special, we roundup the biggest stories of the week from mobile's gaming future to its carbon emissions.

Alan cover the news that Amazon will launch its first Project Kuiper satellites at the end of 2022, in preparation for a new 400Mbps network and, tackling the latest twist in the OTT debate, Saf brings us the insight on how Netflix move into mobile gaming will impact network infrastructure.

Joining the conversation this week Stephanie Lynch-Habib, CMO of the GSMA, talks about Mobile World Congress LA, the future of events, and the association's environmental research and activities around COP26.

Season 3, episode 9 is presented by editor Melanie Mingas and features editor-at-large Alan Burkitt-Gray and reporter Saf Malik.

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