techUK COP26 report tackles tech emissions

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techUK has released a report highlighting the role of emerging digital technologies at COP26.

The report discusses several topics such as AI, digital twins, cloud - all of which will contribute to a greener society and economy to achieve net-zero targets by 2050.

techUK says tech has contributed to 2-3% of global emissions but digital innovation can bring the solution to net-zero forward.

Craig Melson, associate director for climate, environment and sustainability, techUK said: “The latest report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has stressed the severe consequences we face if the narrow window to avert a rise in temperature of more than 1.5C is not immediately grasped.

"Solutions are required at a systemic level to transition the real economy and the lives of millions.

“The techUK members’ innovations highlighted in this report show how developments in digital technologies are pushing the boundaries of what is possible, bringing us a step closer to a zero-carbon economy.

"The tech sector is inherently innovative and with the science setting out so clearly what needs to change we must all come together to prepare for what comes next and deliver a better future for our planet.”

The report comprises a collection of seminal essays from techUK members and explores eight key areas:

• Using the Internet of Things to deliver sustainable solutions

• How quantum computing can help tackle climate change

• Using geospatial to support climate action and improve resilience

• Blockchain-enabled supply chain traceability

• Green Cloud: How collaboration is unlocking the green potential of cloud computing

• Digital Twins: a new way to imagine, plan and manage the built environment

• Unlocking 5G connectivity for climate action

• AI in the Race to Net Zero

techUK says the report is an initiative developed by techUK's environment and market access programme in observance of COP26.