Ericsson hires telecoms academic to become chief architect for 6G

Mischa Dohler Ericsson.jpg

Ericsson has recruited one of the world’s top mobile telecoms academics, Mischa Dohler, as its new chief architect, to work on the next generation of wireless.

Dohler (pictured), who was professor in wireless communications at King’s College, London, for eight years until October 2021, has moved to Silicon Valley to take up his new role.

“I will be joining Ericsson’s advanced technology group, where I will be working on 6G systems and next generation applications,” he said on LinkedIn yesterday.

He had been working with Ericsson for a number of years. Five years ago Ericsson and King’s College, London’s Centre for Telecommunications Research launched a joint 5G tactile internet lab.

Dohler and Ulf Ewaldsson, then Ericsson CTO, inaugurated the project at the university, which is in central London. Ewaldsson is now chief network officer at T-Mobile US.

Dohler is brother of Anita Döhler, a telecoms engineer who is CEO of the Next Generation Mobile Networks Alliance (NGMN), an industry organisation that is now looking at operators’ requirements for 6G.

In August 2021 King’s College, London began a project with the University of Bristol, also in the UK, to work on 6G. That project will involve more than 400 experts in telecommunications networks, cyber, artificial intelligence (AI), digital humanities, social sciences and arts.

Dohler is also the co-founder of a Barcelona-based smart cities company, Worldsensing, where he was the CTO from 2008-2014. He worked as a senior researcher at Orange from 2005 to 2008.

He is also a composer and pianist, with five albums on Spotify and iTunes. He posted on LinkedIn on his arrival at Ericsson yesterday: “After eight amazing years at King’s, I am super-excited to start as chief architect in Silicon Valley!”