Vodafone Foundation seeks partner for climate research

Vodafone Foundation seeks partner for climate research

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Vodafone Foundation has launched an international search for climate change research partners to help expand the focus of its DreamLab smartphone app.

DreamLab is a crowdsourcing app that accelerates scientific research by using the combined processing power of dormant smartphones while users charge them. To date, DreamLab-powered research has contributed to Covid-19 research with Imperial College London and cancer research with the Garvan Institute of Medical Research. 

There have been more than 2 million downloads of DreamLab across 17 countries so far meaning that the network of smartphones created is equivalent to a virtual supercomputer capable of processing billions of calculations.

“We’ve seen the impact and tremendous power of DreamLab and now we want to harness this to drive climate research and help to tackle the environmental emergency facing our planet,” said Andrew Dunnett, director of SDGs, sustainable business and foundations at the Vodafone Group.

Following on from the news that UN has identified climate change as the single biggest threat facing humans, Vodafone Foundation is now on the hunt for organisations conducting research that require the large-scale processing power of DreamLab to analyse data on climate change.

Qualifying organisations need to have an existing climate research project that is technically compatible with DreamLab and is addressing a specific climate-related issue that appeals across the 17 countries currently hosting the DreamLab platform.

Interested organisations should submit an expression of interest to partner with Vodafone Foundation and the DreamLab via the Vodafone Foundation website.

Available on iOS and Androaid, DreamLab can be downloaded globally and is free to use for Vodafone customers in Albania, Australia, Czech Republic, DRC, Germany, Ghana, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Lesotho, New Zealand, Portugal, Romania, South Africa, Spain and the UK.

In related news, September saw Vodafone partner with Benu Networks, Casa Systems, Cisco and Nokia, to successfully test a new broadband standard.