Nominations open for Datacloud Awards 2022

Nominations open for Datacloud Awards 2022


Nominations are now open for next year's Datacloud Awards, scheduled to return to Monaco in April.

The awards recognise excellent across service, sustainability, edge and innovation, among other areas. 

The awards dinner and ceremony will take place in Monaco on 25 April, alongside the Datacloud Global Congress, which is due to take place 25-27 April.

As always, the awards will be judged by an independent panel of industry leaders, chaired by Gerd Simon and facilitated by Marion Howard-Healey.  

The categories for 2022 are: 

Category 01: Global Data Centre Service Provider of the Year Award 2022

Category 02: Excellence in Regional Data Centre Awards 2022

Category 03: Global Cloud Award 2022

Category 04: Excellence in Regional Cloud Awards 2022

Category 05: Inward Investment Initiatives for Data Centres 2022

Category 06: Data Centre Construction Award 2022

Category 07: The Technology Innovation Award 2022

Category 08: Data Centre Sustainable Construction Award 2022

Category 09: Energy Solution Award 2022

Category 10: Towards On-Site Net Carbon Zero Award 2022

Category 11: Connectivity Innovator of the Year Award 2021

Category 12: The Edge Enablement Award 2022

Category 13: Excellence in Community Engagement Award 2022

Category 14: Young Digital Innovator of the Year Award 2022

Category 15: Education and Employment Project Award 2022

Category 16: Commitment to diversity and talent development

There is more information on the official Datacloud Congress and Awards website.