Edge Centres starts on second VIC site

EC 8 Traralgon.jpg

Edge Centres has started construction on its second site in Victoria, Australia, the Traralgon-based EC8.

The new facility is located 161 kilometres outside of state capital Melbourne and is one of four sites due to come online next month, including EC5 in Albury, South Wales, and EC3 Bendigo.

“Traralgon is a key part of our network deployment from Melbourne to Sydney and will connect to other sites along the way,” said Jonathan Eaves, CEO and founder of Edge Centres. “Edge Centres is building a sweeping footprint of sustainable, highly reliable, off-grid digital infrastructure at Australia’s edge. As our platform grows, so will the edge compute resources critical to ensuring that regional Australia’s digital divide can be bridged for the betterment of local economies, enterprises, and the end user.” 

The off-grid edge operator specialises in 1MW, solar-prime deployments that take services to remote locations without being hindered by a six-month wait for utility power. The company – which serves ISPs, RSPs and MSPs with colocation, dark fibre, IP transit and cloud connect services – has a plan to deploy 20 such facilities across Australia by the end of 2022 and also move into Japan.

In Australia its work will see the deployment of a series of highly interconnected edge facilities at "critical network junctions throughout underserved parts of the country".

The idea is that by creating edge connectivity in regional metros, Edge Centres will dramatically reduce latencies for enterprises and businesses throughout regional Australia. Currently in Australia, a group of MPs is pushing a bill that would hold telcos to certain minimum- service obligations, including refunds when there is no service.

There is more from Jonathan Eaves in the next Data Economy special report, out on 18 October.