Aqua Comms owner Digital 9 raises £275m for infrastructure

Jack Waters 995x560.jpg

UK-based infrastructure investor Digital 9 has raised another £275 million in a share placing – £75 million more than it expected.

The investor, which owns subsea operator Aqua Comms, said that the increase from the original target was “million in light of the company’s investment pipeline”.

Jack Waters (pictured), the former Zayo executive who chairs Digital 9 Infrastructure (D9), said this morning: “The drivers of digital infrastructure are increasing rapidly as more of our lives move online, fundamentally changing the way we work, shop and socialise.”

Earlier this month D9 said it would spend £231 million on buying Icelandic data centre company Verne Global. It is also planning to contribute £50 million on a new Europe-Middle East-India subsea cable, to be managed by Aqua Comms.

He added: “Our existing shareholders and new investors have identified the opportunity that investing in D9 represents – a means for them to participate in this exciting sector at a critical point in time. We welcome their support and look forward to the next step of D9’s journey as it continues to invest in a diversified portfolio of digital infrastructure assets.”

Waters and colleagues on the board subscribed to a total of 57,208 shares at £1.075 each (107.5p per share in UK financial terms) – a total of a modest £61,498.

Thor Johnsen and Andre Karihaloo, members of the investment manager’s team, have subscribed for a total of 209,301 new shares – a total investment of £224,998.

D9’s share price was $1.08 on the news, down from £1.1040 at yesterday’s close.

Neither Waters nor the rest of the D9 team have said what the company will spend the money on.