BSO joins with EllaLink for low-latency financial trading

BSO joins with EllaLink for low-latency financial trading

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BSO has partnered with EllaLink to commercialise ultra-low latency connectivity for financial trading firms.

BSO, which provides enterprise connectivity to clients in all sectors works with the financial services sector, which itself requires low-latency and secure connectivity, particularly between Europe and Latin America. Through its new partnership with EllaLink, BSO will now provide that without having to connect through the US.

BSO's CEO Michael Ourabah explained: “We are proud to be the preferred supplier for EllaLink in the capital markets sector. Our work to connect those in emerging markets with other trading networks around the globe has garnered significant results for the regions in question, even at this early stage.

"With this rapid progress in mind, BSO is well-placed to ensure that firms who want to access the Brazilian market have everything they need.”

Prior to the launch of EllaLink in June, European and Asian firms wanting to trade the Brazilian markets had to transit through the US. With the launch of EllaLink in June, trading strategies in Brazil and South America that were previously uneconomic for international entities have become much more attractive.

Vincent Gatineau, EllaLink's chief marketing and sales officer, added: “Our partnership with BSO further demonstrates EllaLink’s ability to recognise the needs of the global markets and to provide services that will bring financial communities together. We are excited to say that EllaLink’s direct routing provides a significant latency advantage over competing networks, creating new opportunities for our partners and customers.”

BSO rebranded earlier this year and, prior to this development, offered connectivity to 240 data centres and local exchanges in 33 countries across the US, Europe, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific.

This year the firm partnered with Arc Solutions for interconnection in the Middle East and further afield, allowing it to expand its presence in markets like the UAE, Oman, Pakistan, Djibouti, Bahrain, KSA, Kuwait, Jordan and Egypt. BSO has also launched new routes to connect the stock trading venue in Frankfurt to those in Istanbul, Moscow and Hong Kong.

Late last year, BSO launched a low-latency connectivity service for Hamburg-based CryptoStruct GmbH, which centralises crypto market data from multiple exchanges.

EllaLink, which connects the major hubs of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Fortaleza with Lisbon, Madrid and Marseille, has the capacity to transmit up to 100 Tbps and is already supporting scientific communities on both side of the Atlantic such as Copernicus, the EU's Earth observation programme, and Chile's optical telescopes.

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