GTT transitions into GTT 2.0

GTT transitions into GTT 2.0

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GTT seeks return to profitability post infrastructure sale as it transforms its business into the new GTT 2.0.

Speaking exclusively to Capacity, Ernie Ortega, CEO of GTT described the recently completed $2.1 billion sale of its infrastructure assets to I Squared Capital as "GTT getting back to its roots and core competencies".

"We've always characterised ourselves as an asset light business model. So, that doesn't necessarily mean by divesting ourselves of the infrastructure business that we don't have assets, because we still have a Tier 1 IP backbone."

This coupled with the company's flagship SD-WAN product, among other offerings means that GTT 2.0 is well-placed to meet the demands of " high-end global enterprise customers".

With confirmation that the company's global footprint will remain the same post-sale, Ortega says that GTT "will connect any location, anywhere in the world".

Due to its size, the new GTT also benefits from greater flexibility and agility, than some of its bigger counterparts but according to Ortega "it's all somewhat at parity … where we feel will differentiate ourselves, is the level of our customer care".

As such over the last 16 months, the company has been hard at work "fixing everything that needed to be fixed" and preparing for its full return as a 2.0 company.

Though a tumultuous time ahead its looking positive for GTT as confirmed by Ortega, "we're selling more than the company's ever sold, we're installing our services at a faster velocity than the company's ever done before, we're retaining our customers better than we have, and more importantly we're collecting cash at a higher velocity than we ever have …"

Check out the full interview with Ernie in the October/November issue of Capacity Magazine, due out next month!