MOX and QTS partner on more efficient transport links

MOX and QTS partner on more efficient transport links


Fibre network firm MOX Networks and QTS Realty Trust are partnering to enhance connectivity opportunities for carriers, enterprises, hyperscalers and wireless providers in the new QTS data centre campus in Hillsboro, Oregon.

MOX now offers critical access across the Pacific Northwest region and is colocating with QTS Hillsboro DC1, the first new QTS data centre of its 200MW-plus planned campus.

QTS Hillsboro DC1 includes 158,000 sq ft, with 85,000 sq ft of leasable capacity and 24MW of gross power capacity.

Offering both dark fibre and lit data services, the newest MOX fibre route offers diversity from Hillsboro to Portland, with a planned extension up to Seattle.

This new path enables QTS customers to avoid legacy exchange options in Portland and provides the opportunity to extend their connectivity up to the Westin Building Exchange in Seattle.

The Hillsboro region has been nicknamed “Silicon Forest” for its growing prominence as a high-tech trans-Pacific data centre connectivity hub to Asia.

MOX said the Hillsboro-Portland-Seattle route will enable QTS customers in Hillsboro to interconnect in Portland or bypass it completely, circumventing the long-haul transport and IP peering gateways in Portland, to “achieve faster, more resilient network connectivity across the Pacific Northwest” - with fibre available west to Asia or east across North America.

“We are offering our customers access to new and diverse MOX fibre solutions from our 100% renewable energy-powered Hillsboro data centre,” said Clint Heiden, chief revenue officer at QTS.