phoenixNAP data centre to become DE-CIX Phoenix PoP

Ian McClarty phoenixNAP NEW.jpg

phoenixNAP confirms that its flagship data centre in Phoenix, Arizona, is to become a strategic point of presence (PoP) for DE-CIX’s newest internet exchange, DE-CIX Phoenix.

This PoP will make phoenixNAP part of DE-CIX’s global interconnection ecosystem, which includes the largest carrier and data centre neutral ecosystem in North America as well as multiple IXs in Europe, the Middle East, North America, and Asia.

“We are excited to welcome DE-CIX to Phoenix and work with them to expand connectivity options for businesses in the region,” said Ian McClarty (pictured), president of phoenixNAP.

“DE-CIX is bringing access to hundreds of networks and 50 cloud service providers through a single connection. Organisations looking to deploy and deliver their services globally can leverage direct access to DE-CIX out of our data centre to enhance traffic speeds and optimise network spend. Our premier colocation, HaaS, cloud, and availability services are also available to them to build modern IT environments and ensure excellent experiences.”

Through a local PoP in Phoenix, Arizona, DE-CIX will bring its low-latency connectivity options closer to businesses in the Southwest of the US. Phoenix is one of the fastest-growing US commerce hubs, with demand for interconnectivity services on the rise. phoenixNAP provides diverse carrier connectivity options and network redundancy through its global network of 17 data centre locations.

Featuring two carrier-neutral Meet-Me-Rooms, phoenixNAP’s data centre provides connectivity to major domestic and global internet transit services. It is also the only AWS Direct Connect and Google Cloud Interconnect location in the region.

“We are delighted to bring our services with our new internet exchange DE-CIX Phoenix through the excellent facilities of phoenixNAP. Phoenix is the new urban technology centre of the western US. As a core hub for data centres, connectivity is robust, with over 60 long-haul, metro fibre telecom, broadband, and wireless networks traversing the market,” said Ivo A. Ivanov, CEO of DE-CIX International.

“Our expansion to Phoenix increases our relevance in the North American market. It brings data and interconnection services closer to the users, as our locations are now spanning from East to West. DE-CIX continues to strengthen its position as the largest carrier and data centre neutral interconnection ecosystem in North America and globally.”

In addition, phoenixNAP is building a data centre campus, which will increase the company’s capacity to offer flexible and reliable infrastructure-as-a-service solutions.