Zella DC launches as-a-service edge data centres

Edge computing NEW.jpeg

Australia's Zella DC has introduced its Micro Data Centre as-a-service (MDCaaS) offering, available for all its existing micro data centres.

“MDCaaS is set to transform how customers utilise and manage our edge data centres to create increased flexibility and convenience,” said Zella DC.

The new opex over capex model gives customers the ability to process more data at the edge, it added.

Zella MDCaaS will appeal to businesses that don't want the hassle of owning an asset.

It will also be an ideal solution for firms that want to standardise IT equipment across many sites, but who don't have the budget to roll out new infrastructure all at once.

The Zella DC solution is vendor agnostic, supporting any rack-mounted IT infrastructure the customer may choose to install.

MDCaaS includes cooling, fire suppression and physical and cyber security, as well as extended warranties, maintenance, 24/7 support, delivery, installation and monthly reports.

“We are aligning our solution with other IT as-a-service offerings like SaaS and IaaS, for instance - allowing customers to get the benefits of our micro data centres without the up-front capex, said Angie Keeler, co-founder and CEO of Perth-based Zella DC.