DISH Network joins HomeGrid Forum to drive innovation

DISH Network joins HomeGrid Forum to drive innovation

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DISH has joined the HomeGrid Forum, an industry alliance that brings together technology innovators, silicon vendors, system manufacturers, and service providers to promote, a globally recognised gigabit home networking technology based on ITU-T standards.

DISH joined HomeGrid Forum to become an active contributor to the development of and is highly interested in monitoring benefits for different network topologies as they evolve.

As a provider of television and technology through DISH TV and SLING TV, in 2020 Dish became a nationwide U.S. wireless carrier through the acquisition of Boost Mobile. With revenues in excess of US$15 billion, it is a Fortune 200 company.

With a track record of innovation, HomeGrid Forum aims to utilize to extend the coverage and access within the home.

“We’re excited to work with HomeGrid Forum and our fellow members to monitor the benefits and unleash the potential that can bring,” said Paul Keator, principal engineer – system architecture, DISH Network and Board Member of HomeGrid Forum.

“We value the opportunity to play an active role in driving innovation through the Forum’s world-renowned certification program, sharing of expertise and ideas with other organisations within the ecosystem that have already deployed Gigabit connectivity on coax.”

Forecasts by ABI Research show that there will be around 3.6 million subscribers to satellite broadband by the end of this year, as satellite promises to improve broadband penetration significantly worldwide. However, HomeGrid Forum said it is crucial operators ensure the best service possible by utilizing technology as a strong technology backbone, which will guarantee 100 percent coverage within the home, for all devices.

HomeGrid Forum president, Livia Rosu added: “We are delighted to welcome DISH to the HomeGrid Forum Board, as we mark the beginning of innovation for supporting satellite operators interested in the 5G FWA coexistence with Satellite TV on existing coax wiring delivering multi-Gigabit speeds.

“To enact true change, we require leading operators and manufacturers to actively contribute to shaping the evolution of, whether that be for satellite or fiber extension deployments. This is an exciting time for and we look forward to working with DISH, our first member from the satellite sector.”