Ori and KX join forces with BT to deliver sharp edge

Ori and KX join forces with BT to deliver sharp edge

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Edge computing infrastructure firm Ori Industries is partnering with streaming analytics specialist KX to provide an ultra-low latency streaming analytics solution for edge devices. It will leverage Tier 1 telco networks to get closer to application users.

The integration sees the combination of Ori’s Global Edge (OGE) platform and KX’s analytics software. The pair promise to “significantly increase the speed at which data can be analysed” at the edge, while reducing the amount of data that needs to be sent to the cloud for processing.

KX and Ori are currently working with BT Innovation Labs to bundle the solution for BT’s Enterprise customers.

The combined solution enables automated scaling via Kubernetes and the self-healing of workloads, with a standardised set of APIs for ease of use.

The offering is aimed at various applications across IoT and multi-access edge compute (MEC) architectures, including predictive maintenance, smart manufacturing, smart cities and mobile gaming, among others.

Andy Corston-Petrie, BT senior manager for mobile core networks research, said: “With a private edge offering, we can unlock the edge for our enterprise customers who require secure, rapid decision making in highly regulated or closed environments.”

Corston-Petrie added: “In Ori Industries and KX, we see partners who can deliver on that edge potential. Together, we can enable enterprise customers to leverage on-site data and analyse it at the source, and at speed.”

Douglas Mancini, chief commercial officer at Ori Industries, said: “In pairing one of the industry’s fastest streaming analytics solutions with our low latency delivery stack we're enabling telcos to leverage their networks like never before, opening up the true promise of 5G.”