Colt to build new fibre connections in Spain and Portugal

Colt Iberian with Joan Monraba.jpg

Colt is expanding its network in Spain and Portugal with 600km of fibre from Madrid to the French city of Toulouse.

This additional network will connect Paris in the north and Marseille in the east with a new route to the Iberian Peninsula, said Colt.

Joan Monraba (pictured), Colt’s country manager for Spain, said: “The peninsula continues to be an increasingly important region for Colt and our customers, so now is the perfect time for us to be expanding our presence further.”

Colt said the new link will reinforce the repositioning of the Iberian peninsula as a key European hub between America, Asia, Africa and Europe. Through several enterprise submarine cable projects, it will enable the peninsula to position itself as an access point to the whole of Europe, said the company.

Monraba added: “As global bandwidth demands continue to explode, and more and more enterprises rely on infrastructure hosted in the cloud, organisations are constantly looking for diversity when it comes to connectivity. This expansion is part of Colt’s wider expansion strategy, which aims to help customers across Europe, Asia and North America thrive through the power of connectivity.”

Colt pointed out Spain and Portugal’s strategic geographical position, enabling cable landing stations to be easily connected to the rest of Europe, reducing latency.

Colt’s map of its plans also shows a new link from Bilbao, the Basque city in northern Spain that is a cable landing site for Grace Hopper and MAREA, with an existing link between Madrid and the Portuguese city of Porto.