C3ntro picks Odine's Orion to enhance traffic management

c3ntro_odine 16.9.jpg

C3ntro Telecom has selected the Orion solution from Odine Solutions to enable a single global management application for all of its national and international traffic.

Specifically, the Orion application will provide C3ntro with centralised reporting, invoicing, and deal management to boost the company’s global operational efficiency.

"Working with C3ntro to centralise traffic management into Orion will provide complete end-to-end management for all traffic globally,” said Nick Cowley, global sales director at Odine Solutions.

“Orion's ability to process and present national and international traffic meets the growing need for operators to converge billing, reporting, and swap management, and provide C3ntro with unprecedented levels of business intelligence.

Using the Orion application, C3ntro will drive productivity, agility for new services, and increased visibility across its network. In addition, as it is deployed and integrated with C3ntro's core network elements, the Orion solution is seamlessly and without disruption to operations.

"As we continue to expand our already established international footprint, we continue looking towards new solutions which will enable us to be more productive,” said Abraham Smeke, EVP of global sales at C3ntro.

“We are confident once Odine's Orion application is fully implemented we will be able to offer our customers an even better service and experience. We have no doubt Orion will meet and exceed our expectations and requirements."

Additionally, Orion will deliver high-performance, real-time dynamic routing policy & optimisation, and comprehensive monitoring & alerting for C3ntro, as well as being fully mobile compatible Orion enables C3ntro users to work from any location.

"The partnership between Odine and C3ntro is another show of strength from Odine as we continue to grow our global presence and providing operators with efficiency and agility in the competitive voice market. We look forward to a long and successful working relationship with C3ntro," said Alper Tunga Burak, CEO at Odine Solutions.