The Digital Digest

The Digital Digest: a birthday episode special featuring breaking deals, open RAN advances, private networks in mines, and a VIP sharing GCA nomination tips


Season 2, episode 17 is presented by deputy editor Melanie Mingas, and features editor-at-large Alan Burkitt-Gray, senior reporter Natalie Bannerman and special guest Carl Roberts.

In this episode of the Digital Digest, we roundup the biggest stories of the week from merger approvals to attending business events during a pandemic.

Natalie brings us the breaking news on the O2/Virgin merger, explaining how and why the CMA made its decision. Elsewhere in telecoms, Jio is launching two new subsea cables; Arc and BSO have interconnected their networks for on-demand connectivity; and gaming is on track to become a $6 billion opportunity in the Middle East. 

Alan brings us a Hollywood-inspired explainer on AT&T's about-turn on content and why former activist investor, Elliott Management, could now be smiling. Following news this week from NEC and Rakuten we catch up on the latest open RAN developments and, after a survey quantifies private network deployments, Alan explains why manufacturing and mining are driving the demand for private networks.

In the world of data centres, Natalie talks new builds, acquisitions and micro edge following the news this week on Microsoft's $500 million Chicago build and DCI's $54 million Adelaide project. Also in data centres, Digital Colony has acquired Landmark Dividend in a $972 million deal and Schneider Electric says it's all about the micro edge in Europe.

Joining the conversation for our anniversary episode we welcome Capacity VIP Carl Roberts, partner at Hadaara Consulting, and head judge at the 2021 Global Carrier Awards. Carl has been on the ground at Capacity Middle East this week and so reports back on the return to physical events, while also introducing the Global Carrier Awards 2021. Carl talks about the categories and judging process, and shares his nomination tips for this year's entrants.

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