Manufacturing and mining lead demand for private 4G and 5G

Manufacturing and mining lead demand for private 4G and 5G

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There are already 311 private mobile networks in operation using 4G or 5G in 40 countries, according to research from equipment suppliers.

The Global Mobile Suppliers Association (GSA), which represents vendors to the industry, says that manufacturing is the largest sector, with 67 networks identified in its list.

GSA president Joe Barrett (pictured) said that service providers include “equipment/technology vendors, mobile network operators, systems integrators and the private network end-users, some of whom also take responsibility for installing or operating their own infrastructure”.

There are 38 equipment vendors in the trade association’s list that are supplying equipment for private mobile networks based on 4G or 5G. “In addition, we have identified 63 public network operators which between them are known to be involved with 106 projects,” said Barratt.

“This broad ecosystem of vendors, operators and vertical markets is one that the GSA is continuing to track and report on for its members and the wider industry.”

After manufacturing, mining follows second in the list of most popular applications, with ports also actively trialling or deploying local area private mobile networks.

The GSA said: “Within the manufacturing sector, the automotive subsector is an early leader in terms of private network investment and adoption.” Automotive companies account for 27% of the 67 identified manufacturing companies holding suitable licences or involved in known pilots or deployments.


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