Infinera partners NBN for trial of XR Optics

Infinera partners NBN for trial of XR Optics


Infinera and NBN Co have completed a successful proof of concept of XR optics-based point-to-multipoint coherent optical technology.

The trial demonstrated XR optics’ compatibility within the nbn Transit Network, a DWDM network spanning over 65,000km across Australia.

“The nbn Transit Network is our national backbone, supporting the growing data needs of Australians as they rely more on broadband for their work, education, social and entertainment needs,” said Ray Owen, chief technology officer at NBN Co.

“It is important that we keep track of new innovations to guide how we evolve our network to help meet changing needs in the future. Working with Infinera helps us to understand the options and design our pathways accordingly.”

Through the trial, the two were able to use XR optics to dramatically simplify transport network architecture while reducing capital expenditure and operating expenditure across various applications.

XR optics enables dynamic capacity management and optical capacity optimisation across multiple 100Gbps of capacity efficiently subdivided into discrete subcarriers. The main goal of the trial to inform how NBN Co evolves its transport network to support growing data demands.

“This trial with NBN Co provides a proof point illustrating how Infinera’s digital subcarrier powered XR optics can be seamlessly integrated into existing networks and successfully applied in a variety of `network applications from backhaul networks to data centre interconnect,” said Dave Welch, Chief innovation officer and co-founder, Infinera.

“The XR optics trials Infinera has conducted continue to represent a radical shift in the way future networks can be built, promising a dramatic reduction in TCO, helping to set a new benchmark in scalability, and increasing service flexibility and velocity.”

In related news, April saw WPD Telecoms, Western Power Distribution’s telecoms division, has selected Infinera’s XTM series metro optical platform for its new regional network in the South West of England.