Dell and Equinix strike major data centre storage services deal

Dell and Equinix strike major data centre storage services deal

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Dell Technologies has struck a deal with Equinix to deliver its new storage as-a-service globally through its data centre network.

“Organisations can meet unpredictable IT and storage requirements more efficiently when subscribing to our APEX Data Storage Services at an Equinix location,” said Dell.

The APEX portfolio of services was originally launched last year and is a rival to similar services offered by HPE through its Greenlake portfolio. Both companies are aiming to rapidly increase their on-demand cloud services instead of relying on shifting large chunks of metal to customers' premises.

“We will manage the infrastructure in an Equinix data centre of a customer's choice across the globe,” said Dell. The service will be offered across Equinix' 220 data centres.

Jeff Boudreau, president and general manager for the infrastructure solutions group at Dell Technologies, said: “We can deliver a secure, on-demand hybrid cloud solution that emphasises efficiency, is consistent everywhere and helps customers turn data into a valuable decision-making tool.”

“Whether their data lives within a data centre, at the edge or across public and private clouds, customers want more choice and greater flexibility in managing their hybrid IT infrastructure,” said Eric Schwartz, chief strategy and development officer at Equinix. “Dell Technologies can now provide APEX Data Storage Services to support customers' hybrid multi-cloud requirements on a global scale.”

Dell has also just unveiled solutions designed to extract more value from data at the edge.

The updated Dell EMC Streaming Data Platform offers real-time analytics from the edge, and the Dell Technologies Manufacturing Edge Reference Architecture with PTC helps manufacturing companies derive insights from workstations, computers, mobile devices and other endpoints within the manufacturing environment.

Last month, Dell announced a plan to spin-off its 81% equity ownership in data centre and cloud software firm VMware. The sell-off, expected to raise up to $9.7 billion, will help to substantially reduce Dell's debt accrued from the EMC acquisition in 2016.

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