Infobip acquires SMS firewall company Anam

Infobip acquires SMS firewall company Anam

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Infobip Group has acquired SMS firewall service provider Anam, for an undisclosed sum.

The deal, which was a combination of ash and Infobip equity, will combine the strengths of Infobip’s messaging and monetisation, with the security expertise of Anam.

“This announcement is very exciting, and a validation of how important mobile messaging has become in today’s ever-growing digital environment. A key part of the messaging ecosystem is the security and integrity of the Mobile Networks. For the industry to continue growing, the messaging channel need to be free from spam and fraud and the mobile operators, enterprises and subscribers position protected,” said Darragh Kelly, CEO at Anam.

“This acquisition brings two best in class messaging companies together to deliver this. When both companies’ products are combined it makes the joint offering a rare and exceptional mobile operator proposition. We are delighted to join Infobip, continue our growth story and bring even more value to our customers.”

With the addition of Anam to Infobip’s strategic operator partnerships division, will benefit from a 24/7 networks operations centre, on ground support, enriched analytics, and reporting.

In addition, customers will benefit from a more comprehensive offering as well as enhanced A2P monetisation. This includes SMS Firewalls, RCS & SMS, voice, enterprise solutions, SMSC, authentication and verification.

“I am very pleased that Anam has decided to join Infobip in this important phase for A2P messaging. This past year saw the effects of the pandemic impact many operators who were reporting heavy messaging traffic on a regular basis across the world, as businesses moved to a digital model almost overnight,” said Silvio Kutić (pictured), founder and CEO of Infobip Group.

“A2P has never been more important to this cohort for sustainability. Together with Anam, we will continue to provide even more support to carriers to ensure we secure messages and help them bring more value to their sector and to end users. I look forward to joint future success.”