Bell Canada deploys commercial 400G wavelength service

Ivan Mihaljevic.jpg

Bell Canada has launched a commercial 400G wavelength service that using Ciena's WaveLogic 5 Extreme technology.

The new offering delivers increases both connectivity speeds and capacity for cloud and data centre providers at the same time optimising network performance and energy efficiency.

Specifically, the new service has been rolled out across major parts of Bell's 17,000km fibre infrastructure, will plans for further national expansion over the coming months.

"Bell 400G wavelength service efficiently delivers the speed and capacity necessary to meet the fast-growing demand of bandwidth-intensive operators moving massive amounts of data and content to the cloud," said Ivan Mihaljevic (pictured), senior vice president of wholesale at Bell Canada.

"Bell's unparalleled network infrastructure and customer support, coupled with Ciena's market-leading optical wavelength technology, offers major operators here in Canada and internationally the opportunity to scale up easily, efficiently and sustainably with our highly energy efficient 400G capabilities."

400G technology increases fibre capacity using automation to deliver 4x the data speed and 50% more capacity per wavelength.

Ciena's WaveLogic 5 Extreme technology also reduces energy usage, equipment footprint and overall system complexity, allowing service providers to create more sustainable, greener networks.

"The global shift to 400G is happening and Bell Canada is leading the way by evolving its network to support the insatiable and often unpredictable network demand driven by the cloud, streaming video and more," said Bruce Hembree, vice president and general manager for the Americas at Ciena.

"With WaveLogic 5 Extreme, Bell can offer new, high bandwidth 400G services to carrier and content provider customers between key points of presence across Canada and into the US."

In related news, February saw Bell Canada pledge to spend between $1 billion to $1.2 billion on the acceleration of its broadband network over the next 2 years. The funds will be used to roll out fast fibre, rural Wireless Home Internet (WHI) and 5G networks nationwide.