Highline do Brasil works with TIM on solar-powered 4G

Highline do Brasil works with TIM on solar-powered 4G

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TIM Brasil, the Latin American offshoot of the former Telecom Italia, is to expand its 4G mobile network using solar energy in off-grid areas.

The company is working with Highline do Brasil, the infrastructure company owned by Colony Capital, to equip towers with solar energy in the province of São Paulo.

“Another great example of Colony Capital executing our ESG [environmental, social and corporate governance] playbook and commitment to using green energy and renewable power to fuel our mission critical digital infrastructure,” said Colony Capital CEO Marc Ganzi. “Kudos to Fernando Viotti and the team at Highline do Brasil.”

TIM Brasil said that it has 13 other Highline do Brasil sites São Paulo, in addition to the first two, that it is working on.

The move will save three tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) per MWh per year per site.

Last year TIM Brasil started working with Enel X, part of the Italian electricity company Enel, to build two solar plants in the Bahia province of Brazil. They will contain more than 24,000 solar panels and should be operating later this year. They will reduce CO2 emissions by 13,000 tonnes a year, say reports from Brazil.

At the end of 2020, TIM Brasil was obtaining 24.5% of its energy from renewable sources.