IDT selects XConnect solution to enhance its A2P messaging

IDT selects XConnect solution to enhance its A2P messaging

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XConnect has been selected by IDT Carrier Services to enhance its wholesale A2P SMS messaging business with global number intelligence.

IDT uses XConnect to bolster its Mobile Number Portability (MNP) data and deliver greater speed and accuracy of message delivery through direct routing. 

“IDT is simplifying A2P messaging for aggregators and providing a trusted wholesale solution with particular focus on Latin America and Africa,” said Peter Broes, director of product management at IDT.

“Working with XConnect, we’re able to offer A2P SMS assurance and optimise message routing. XConnect is continually refining, refreshing and cleaning its number portability data. That enables us to deliver A2P messaging services with confidence while focusing on our core business. We see huge growth potential for A2P messaging across the globe.”

XConnect’s MNP is available in over 100 countries, many of which, over 40% of numbers have been ported. In addition, MNP data ensures that A2P messages are delivered to the correct operator and end user the first time.

“The A2P messaging market is a tremendous opportunity for wholesale telecoms players,” said Eli Katz (pictured), CEO and founder of XConnect.

“We are supporting the growth and optimisation of IDT’s messaging business and enabling it to deliver A2P SMS with greater precision and performance. This enables IDT to compete on quality rather than price, while reducing its cost base.”

With a global footprint across 147 countries IDT has three global hubs in New Jersey, London and Hong Kong and carries over 17 billion international minutes per year.

As such, XConnect’s Global Numbering Intelligence gives IDT a simple and data-driven approach to ensure high-quality message delivery for its customers and end users.

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