[WEBINAR] Data centre deployment in Asia’s developing markets

[WEBINAR] Data centre deployment in Asia’s developing markets

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Asia’s developing markets offer huge potential returns for the data centre industry.

India, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines hold close to two billion potential consumers.

On 7 April, speakers from Space DC, Facebook and Structure Research will discuss how best to capture the potential in highly lucrative emerging markets, across the Asia region.

The webinar will feature Jabez Tan, head of research at Structure Research; Srivats Kumar, partner manager, APAC, Facebook; and James Murphy, sales director, Space DC.

The panel will identify and discuss the multiple factors driving Asia's developing nations to overcome the challenges they face in deploying digital infrastructure.

The panel will discuss:

  • Why now is a great time for new deployments in the developing markets of the APAC region;

  • How the demographics of countries like the Philippines and Indonesia make them poised for a digital economy boom;

  • What is being done to overcome challenges to new data centre deployments, such as new fibre deployments increasing redundancy;

  • What upcoming deployments mean for connectivity in the region.


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