G-Core Labs to offer start-ups grants of up to $25,000

G-Core Labs to offer start-ups grants of up to $25,000

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Cloud and edge solutions provider G-Core Labs has launched a support program for promising IT start-ups.

The company revealed that program participants will get infrastructure grants worth up to $25,000. With these funds, start-ups will be able to pay for the company's cloud services.

Developers of online services, web applications and games can apply to participate in the program, and selected start-ups will receive grants of $1,000, $7,500 or $25,000 depending on the size of the company.

With these funds, they will be able to pay for G-Core Lab's services for two years, including CDN, streaming platform, DDoS protection, as well as a set of cloud services, including virtual machines with a built-in load balancer, bare metal servers, AI platform, disaster recovery services etc.

“We offer a ready-for-any-load global content delivery network that is integrated with cloud object storage and an advanced streaming platform for OTT streaming and video-on-demand delivery; full-fledged cloud infrastructure operating within the IaaS and PaaS models; dedicated and virtual servers located on all continents, as well as highly effective protection against DDoS attacks and fraudulent activities, based on the unique intelligent traffic filtering technology,” said Dmitry Samoshkin, G-Core Labs vice president of products.

All solutions are managed from a single personal account with an intuitive interface and the connection of such services will provide program participants with a minimum response time around the world (up to 30 ms), as well as readiness for peak loads.

G-Core Labs' server infrastructure is located in Tier IV and III data centres in over 100 points of presence in 75 cities around the world.

Among the areas of activity, representatives of G-Core Labs note FinTech, E-Commerce, E-Health, Telecommunications, Professional & Support services, Educational & HR services, Lifestyle, E-Marketing & E-Advertising.

To receive a grant, G-Core Lab revealed that the company team should combine technical and marketing skills, as well as have experience in implementing a start-up.