Nokia and Cataworx develop automated digital quoting solution

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Cataworx, a provider of business-to-business sales automation software, and Nokia have developed an integrated solution, which enables communication service providers to provide instant quotes for optical network connectivity services, with support for dynamic pricing, and empowering their customers to trigger service fulfilment through order orchestration.

Developed as part of Nokia’s WaveHub innovation ecosystem, the solution simplifies the complicated commercial process of buying network services, allowing service providers to offer automated instant quoting for optical networking connectivity services.

Adolfo Perez-Duran, Cataworx chairman and Chief Technology Officer said "We are happy to have achieved this critical milestone in the integration of Cataworx’s smart quoting technology and the innovative WaveSuite applications. We are very excited to be working with the Nokia team and to help streamline the delivery of optical services and increase revenue opportunities for Nokia’s customers."

When integrated with Nokia’s WaveSuite Software, Cataworx’s sales automation platform provides automated quote-to-order and order-to-service business processes for communication service providers. The latest enhancements to the joint solution include self-service service fulfillment initiation. The integrated solution addresses some of the top challenges communication providers cite implementing connectivity services, namely the lack of automation combined with complex, time-consuming commercial and billing processes.

“By working closely with our customers, we’ve learned the business processes associated with generating the commercial quote remain manually intensive and time consuming, resulting in customer dissatisfaction and revenue delays,” said Rob Marson, WaveHub Ecosystem Lead at Nokia. “Addressing these challenges are some of the goals of our WaveHub initiative. The integrated solution with Cataworx provides service providers the business tier agility required to enable on-demand optical connectivity services.”

More information is available from a recent blog, and further details are available from the  Nokia WaveHub Innovation Marketplace.

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