Ufinet and ETB build largest fibre optic network in Bogotá

Bogota network map 16.9.jpg

ETB and Ufinet have signed an agreement to create a company that will commercialise a wholesale fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) network in Bogotá, as well as its nearby towns.

ETB, the incumbent telco operator in Bogotá will work with Ufinet to develop a neutral fibre network that will initially offer services to 1,200,000 homes. Once the full phase of development is complete, will offer coverage to close to 2,500,000 homes in the Bogotá region over a period of three years.

The project will enable more families in the Bogotá region to have ultra-broadband access, including layers 1 and 2 (physical infrastructure and data respectively), an even higher demand in this Covid-driven reality where lack of connectivity or low internet speeds can result in fewer opportunities to study, work from home or access entertainment.

The deal is subject to approvals from the Superintendency of Industry and Commerce, the competition regulatory agency of the Government of Colombia.

Most recently, Ufinet was named as a certified as active member of the Fiber Broadband Association LATAM Chapter. The LATAM Chapter represents the Fiber Broadband Association in the Latin America region and aims to promote the development of next-gen, high-bandwidth internet, voice and video services to residences throughout the region.