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Vodafone parts with Cornerstone; Huawei takes on Sweden; and NTT goes green in Malaysia

Season 2, episode 1 features deputy editor Melanie Mingas, editor-at-large Alan Burkitt-Gray, senior reporters Abigail Opiah and Natalie Bannerman, and special guest Danielle Royston

In the first episode of 2021, we roundup the biggest stories of the new year, from mergers to service launches and internet blackouts.

In the news this week, Alan explains why Huawei is willing to fund Swedish security checks and who is heading BT's new digital unit.

Natalie covers two of the week's biggest deals: Vodafone's sale of its Cornerstone share and Deutsche Telekom's talks to sell T-Mobile Netherlands.

In the world of data centres, Abigail explains why NTT has gone green in Malaysia and why Compute North and Foundry Digital have stepped into bitcoin.

Joining the conversation, we also welcome cloud evangelist, seasoned CEO and entrepreneur Danielle Royston, who talks about the public cloud for telcos, setting up TelcoDR and why sometimes it's best to skip a G.