Secure Chorus transfers interoperability standards to ETSI

Secure Chorus transfers interoperability standards to ETSI


Secure Chorus has confirmed it transferred its interoperability standards for enterprise grade encrypted messaging applications to the European Telecommunication Standards Institute (ETSI) last month.

Secure Chorus said that similarly to how phone numbers connect customers of different telephony networks, its interoperability standards – for encrypted messaging, one-to-one and group voice communication – allow encrypted communication between users of different apps.

It is hoped the transfer will see the standards, which are powered by the open cryptographic standard MIKEY-SAKKE, widely adopted and new features developed.

Stephen Brown, chairman of Secure Chorus, said, “Secure Chorus is very pleased that ETSI has agreed to the transfer of ownership of our interoperability standards. ETSI is a centre of excellence for the development of globally applicable standards for ICT, so we are confident they will continue the good work we started.”

The four-year Secure Chorus pilot project focused on the development of interoperability standards and included stakeholders from around the world, including representatives of multinational and smaller companies, academia and governmental institutions.

The company said the successful completion of the pilot will consolidate its mission to achieve strong cybersecurity solutions for digital environments.

MIKEY-SAKKE is a cryptographic protocol created to be deployed in an enterprise environment to enable secure, cross-platform multimedia communications. It is designed to be centrally managed, giving a domain manager full control of the security of the system. MIKEY-SAKKE has received endorsement at global level, standardised by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IEFT) and approved by 3GPP, for use in mission-critical applications.













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