DE-CIX welcomes Aurora to New York IX

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Aurora, a service provider in the payments industry, has joined DE-CIX New York.

DE-CIX New York is the metro market’s largest local IX community and also provides access to DE-CIX’s global interconnection ecosystem through the GlobePEER remote service.

As such Aurora initiated its service with DE-CIX New York’s GlobePEER service, which provides access to over 250 autonomous systems through a one-to-many VLAN. Aurora plans on adding DE-CIX’s DirectCLOUD service to achieve direct and secure connectivity to global cloud platforms. 

“Joining DE-CIX New York was a natural choice for Aurora in its east coast data centre. With settlement-free layer 2 connectivity to some of the largest network providers in the world, Aurora is able to ensure low-latency, low-cost, and highly resilient connectivity,” said Derek Maxwell, CIO at Aurora.

“In addition, being able to use one-to-one VLANs to directly reach Google Cloud and AWS with DE-CIX’s DirectCLOUD service offers us the ability to bypass the public Internet, which allows us to maximise our hybrid cloud model. Aurora’s clients and partners expect its systems be highly available with exceptional performance, which DE-CIX will allow us to deliver.”

Aurora has invested in infrastructure for its internal and client facing systems, which are used to support critical real-time transaction processing.

Through this new presence with DE-CIX, Aurora is one of the few North American payment companies to operate its own ASN and IP address space, as one of the first US based FinTech companies to deliver settlement-free peering on a public Internet Exchange. 

“Aurora represents a new breed of enterprise network that recognises DE-CIX’s capabilities as both a peering solution as well as a cloud access solution that improves network performance and lowers costs with a single connection,” added Ed d’Agostino, vice president and general manager of DE-CIX North America.

“While peering is DE-CIX’s strength, our platform provides companies like Aurora VLAN connectivity solutions that enable direct access to major cloud providers and seamless access global networks, while achieving greater control of Internet performance in the most effective way. We welcome Aurora to the DE-CIX community and look forward to enabling improved performance and redundancy to their network.”