NorthC and Megaport partner for cloud connectivity offerings

NorthC and Megaport partner for cloud connectivity offerings

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NorthC Datacenters has signed a partnership agreement with Network-as-a-Service provider Megaport.

Through this partnership, the company said its customers can benefit from fast cloud connectivity with providers to support their hybrid and multi-cloud environments, including AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.

The availability of Megaport is a key addition to NorthC’s existing connections. NorthC customers will be able to directly connect their infrastructure to the Megaport point of presence at the NorthC data centre in Oude Meer, Amsterdam.

Businesses that run their operations in the other regional NorthC data centres are also able to connect to Megaport, via NorthC’s ‘Region Connect Ring’.

Region Connect Ring is a direct fibre connection that links the company’s ten regional data centres together to create one ‘virtual data centre’.

“We’re excited about the partnership with NorthC which will allow national and international companies based in the Netherlands to take advantage of Megaport’s global network,” said Eric Troyer, Chief Marketing Officer, Megaport.

“Through our software defined network customers in all ten NorthC data centers can establish private and fast access to more than 360 service providers, including the leading cloud service providers like AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud, SAP and Salesforce.

“This allows for rapid and flexible expansion of their cloud environments with secure, high performance connectivity.”

NorthC’s and Megaport’s service model is set to allow for the rapid scaling of network capacity, to meet changing needs.

“This collaboration with Megaport is an important step for NorthC and especially for our customers, through which we bring together regional and global connectivity,” said Bart van Aanholt, Chief Commercial Officer, NorthC Datacenters.

“It is a strategic expansion of our existing ecosystem and opens the door to further growth and new service offerings.

“More and more organisations choose a combination of several clouds to build hybrid or multi-cloud environments.

“Our partnership with Megaport means that existing and new customers can have faster, more flexible and more scalable connectivity with major cloud providers. This gives them freedom of choice, higher performance and more flexibility.”