Google Cloud and OVHcloud to build European cloud solution

Thomas Kurian, CEO, Google Cloud.jpg

Google Cloud and OVHcloud have formed a strategic partnership to support French and European businesses in their digital transformation journey.

The partnership aims to bring emerging technologies, built on trusted infrastructure, to European organisations to help them meet their growing needs for strict data controls, security, transparency and privacy,y while deploying cloud native applications.

Specifically, OVHcloud will launch a new hosted private cloud offering by combining Google's open source-compatible Anthos technology to its own dedicated infrastructure managed and operated in Europe.

“We are proud to partner with Google Cloud to jointly deliver innovative solutions that will meet Europe’s growing requirements for data sovereignty. This is a significant step forward to create new value for the European Market,” said Michel Paulin, CEO at OVHcloud. 

“Combining cutting edge technologies for the developers’ community while strengthening a powerful ecosystem of players united by a common set of values is core to OVHcloud. This partnership opens the doors to wide new possibilities, we are therefore glad to enable it together.”

Included as part of this partnership, OVHcloud and Google Cloud plan to build joint solutions that give customers all the benefits of a multi-cloud and open approach, as well as drive a critical ecosystem of third-party developers. 

“We are excited to sign our first partnership of this kind with OVHcloud. Listening to our customers, partners and policymakers in Europe, we understand their need for even greater control and autonomy,” added Thomas Kurian (pictured), CEO at Google Cloud.

“We address this in many ways and look forward to continuing to deliver on our customer commitments in a meaningful way with a partner with whom we share values of trust, innovation, collaboration, openness, security, interoperability, transparency, and environmental responsibilities to jointly add value and help our customers accelerate their digital transformation.” 

In addition, this collaboration underscores a commitment by both companies to deliver innovation to benefit customers, supporting digital skill development and fostering collaboration with the open source community.