IBM launches hybrid cloud architecture for telecom providers

IBM launches hybrid cloud architecture for telecom providers


IBM has announced the launch of IBM Cloud for Telecommunications – an open, hybrid cloud architecture designed to help telecommunications providers address the challenges of the industry.

As 5G becomes more prevalent, the company said that telecommunications providers are transforming their networks into agile platforms that can scale to support growing volumes of data, voice and multimedia services.

According to a recent IBV study, 60% of Communications Service Provider (CSP) leaders surveyed agree that they must virtualise their entire network across edge locations.

Built on IBM Cloud Satellite, currently in beta, and leveraging Red Hat OpenShift, clients can deploy IBM Cloud services anywhere: on the cloud, on-premises or at the edge, while addressing industry-specific requirements and data protection.

“We are happy to team up with IBM to develop 5G solutions at the telecom edge, with Red Hat OpenShift,” said Jane Rygaard, Head of Edge Cloud, Nokia.

“We believe that our service provider customers will benefit greatly from having an additional choice to quickly and efficiently deploy private 5G networks.

“The transition to 5G will be a key step for industries to deliver on their digital transformation plans. Having multiple options of cloud-based solutions will help our industry build this path forward.”

The platform also integrates and extends IBM Edge Application Manager and IBM Telco Network Cloud Manager to help reduce network-related infrastructure costs, increase automation and speed deployment of next-gen services.

“The breadth of our partners spans numerous categories, including network equipment providers, independent software vendors (ISVs), software-as-a-service providers and hardware partners,” said IBM in a written release.

“This will give clients a wide range of ways they can tap into the power of the IBM Cloud for Telecommunications to build and deploy new offerings.”

The combined asset of IBM, whose clients comprise 83% of the largest telecom providers globally, and its partners, will create a large hybrid cloud ecosystem that can help operators meet industry imperatives.

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