A1 Croatia to build €11m data centre in response to Covid-19

Croatia network NEW.jpeg

A1 Croatia has announced plans to build a new data centre in Zagreb, Croatia.

The news comes as the company says that a combination of the coronavirus and the earthquake in Zagreb have “accelerated the processes of digitalisation of domestic companies and increased the demand for cloud solutions”.

The company also says that an increasing number of market participants have recognised the importance of a reliable infrastructure and business continuity during this time and will ensure A1 Croatia is well prepared for crisis situations and can scale its traffic at will. 

"Apart from additional capacities for A1 Croatia and their users, the new data centre will enable the development of the data centre market in Croatia,” said Antonia Kujundžić Velimirović, director of network management and it services at A1 Croatia.

“Namely, it is the second data centre in the region that will be officially certified according to the Tier III standard by the UpTime Institute. Energy efficiency and efficiency, i.e. design, follow the latest world trends that the company Vertiv Croatia has acquired in international data centre projects for the world's leading colo and cloud companies.”

Construction of the new data centre began in September 2020 with completion set for Q3 of 2021 and at a total investment value of €11 million. The facility will use advanced cooling, power and security systems as well an energy efficient design and optimised electricity consumption. 

Specifically, automated redundant cooling and power supply systems installed using proven Vertiv technology.

This will mean customers will benefit from added resiliency without having worry about equipment failures, data loss or business downtime. In addition, the site is built according to the standards required by the Uptime Institute in its certification and can withstand earthquakes up to magnitude 9 on the Richter scale.

It is complemented by automated redundant cooling and power supply systems. These systems will be installed using proven Vertiv technology, which drives the world's best data centres. 

"By choosing a solution in the A1 data centre, business users achieve great savings on equipping their own space, and get a reliable and quality solution, certified by a world authority in the field of data centres,” added Kujundžić Velimirović

“In addition to saving on equipment, A1 also offers its customers 24/7 customer support. In this way, users get additional relief in the preparation of business continuity and disaster recovery plans, which have become the focus of every company's business due to recent crisis situations.”