Exclusive. Leading in the data centre industry, with Andy Power, CFO, Digital Realty
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Exclusive. Leading in the data centre industry, with Andy Power, CFO, Digital Realty

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In this fireside chat at Datacloud Borderless 2020 - part of the usual Datacloud Congress that takes place in Monaco every year,- Digital Realty's CFO Andy Power talks to Data Economy's João Marques Lima from California, US.

Power answers questions relating to the current Covid-19 pandemic and how that has affected the business. He also addresses questions around market volatility, the surge in unemployment across several of the regions Digital Realty operates, the uncertainty we all face over the next few months and the potentially long-lasting effects of the Coronavirus.

Power also responded to a question about the current protests taking place primarily in the US as a reaction to the death of George Floyd, and how he manages risk across the world, in the face of, for example, the US/China trade war, Brexit, the conflicts in the Middle East, uprisings in Latin America, and more.

This one-hour in-depth fireside chat also goes around the world to take the temperature of Digital Realty's business across all regions and how it's more than 260 data centres delivered yet another strong quarter in revenues for the $38.22 billion brand.

This would not be completed with several questions on expansion and potential M&A, especially across markets such as China, India, Africa and Latin America, which Power revealed will see increased activity in the near future.

Other topics covered also include climate change and how much sustainability and renewable energy weigh on Digital Realty’s strategy, as well as how much the business commits financially to this matter.