G-Core Labs launches AI platform under public cloud umbrella

G-Core Labs launches AI platform under public cloud umbrella

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Cloud and edge solutions provider G-Core Labs has launched an AI platform that is part of the company’s public cloud.

The company said that the platform allows business and development teams to reduce the time-to-market of their applications based on artificial intelligence.

The platform supports a full machine learning cycle of any complexity and allows its users to organise continuous delivery of models, collaborate on them in real-time and access a catalogue of ready-made templates and models.

The platform is currently based in Luxembourg. G-Core Labs plans to deploy it in all existing and future regions of the company’s public cloud, including the USA, Germany, Russia, Singapore, Brazil, and Australia.

“The G-Core Labs AI platform is a single comprehensive portal for the accelerated building, training, and deployment of applications based on artificial intelligence,” said Vsevolod Vayner, G-Core Labs head of cloud platforms.

“The platform works on the one-stop-shop principle so that any developer can fully concentrate on the development of their ML models and services without worrying about preparing infrastructure, purchasing necessary software, getting set up, and providing frameworks, data storage systems, and technical support for all these elements.

“Thanks to this, according to our estimates, companies and teams that work on products and models based on machine learning can speed up development 2–3 times in comparison to if they had to set up the entire infrastructure on their own.”

The AI platform integrates all modern solutions for receiving and processing data: Kafka, Storm, Spark, PySpark, PostgreSQL, MS SQL, Oracle, MongoDB.

“G-Core Labs development teams are currently working on AI-based products that allow an Internet user or a TV viewer, for example, to receive information in one click about the actors and landmarks in the frame, the players on a basketball court or football field, or the dress or watch an actor is wearing. This will provide great, new opportunities for advertisers,” added Vayner.

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