The Orange Corridor offer
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The Orange Corridor offer

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- A new opportunity in today’s voice market -

In today’s world of increasing international mobility, telecom services users often find themselves a long way from their families and friends. They may have moved to a different country to take up a new job or indeed any of a variety of reasons; personal or professional. 

Whatever brought them to a new country, the end-users of telecoms services naturally wish to remain in contact with their loved ones back at home.

Because at Orange, we listen to our customers, we know that they are expecting support for handling the huge volumes of voice traffic arising between two countries, due to the spread of populations away from their home regions.

The Orange Corridor Voice offer is a response to these needs as it is specifically tailored for retailers wishing to address ethnic diasporas. It allows their customers to make calls from one country to another at a reasonable price.

A Win-Win-Win trusted partnership!

There is a clear benefit for each of the actors in this three party agreement.

It involves a cooperative approach between three key players: the origin network and the destination network, with Orange in the middle transporting the traffic. It is clearly a way of developing new business opportunities and sharing profits.

50019Corridors also make it possible to offer a quality-price ratio that is far superior to OTT operators. They use direct routes with HD Voice to ensure quality of service, at very affordable prices.

Orange is able to manage both ways with fully secured country corridors. For the retailer covering the zone where the call originates, brand loyalty, customer gain and retention are possible along with increased market share, thanks to focused marketing campaigns.

For the operator in the destination zone, the benefits are also clear: increased revenue and additional customer gains through new subscriptions.

Acting as the hub of this interaction, Orange transports the traffic and benefits from fruitful, long-term partnerships with both retailers.

Orange also provides a top quality anti-fraud solution to bring extra peace of mind and maintain value for customers. It is at last a way for retailers to package bundled offers with voice and value added services, such as roaming data pass or mobile financial services, to increase ARPU.

Today, Orange manages 60 voice corridors (figures at the end of June 2020) and because of the Covid-19 crisis, demand is on the increase due to travel restrictions which are forcing people to seek reliable, cost effective ways of keeping in touch with their families.

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