TNS Roaming Hub extended across Central and South America

TNS Roaming Hub extended across Central and South America

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Transaction Network Services (TNS) can now support outbound roaming traffic from US carriers to Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Panama.

The development follows a major new agreement with CCS to extend the reach of the TNS-powered CCA LTE Roaming Hub to nine countries across the region. Mexico went live in 2019.

Collectively these countries cover approximately 193,000 square miles, making up 96% of Central America geographically and covering 99% of the region’s population. TNS said it can now also reach Puerto Rico and Colombia as it expands further into South America.

“We’re delighted to have secured this new agreement which gives us a major footprint across Central America and a strong lead into South America,” said David Kaemmer, TNS’ VP of sales.

“Our LTE Roaming Hub is a critical tool for carriers wishing to support their subscribers outside of their home network. We provide a seamless solution which offers coverage in the US and Canada that is far greater than a regional operator could get from any individual Tier-1 operator themselves. Reinforcing this with extensive Central American coverage boosts our already strong international portfolio that includes countries across the Caribbean, Europe and the Asia Pacific region.”

The CCA LTE Roaming Hub provides operators with a large, unique, and transparent inbound footprint within North America that supports efficient VoLTE, enables roaming to and from 4G LTE, and provides inbound roaming revenue opportunities for Hub roaming partners.

Steven K. Berry, president and CEO of CCA, said: “TNS’ continued investment in its Hub provides regional carriers with a strong solution to the challenge of supporting their roaming subscribers abroad. We are pleased to see the latest steps TNS has taken, which will help further improve the subscriber experience and enable regional carriers to compete more effectively.”

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