Giuseppe Sini to head AAE-1 management committee


Giuseppe Sini, the head of Retelit International, has been appointed chairman of the AAE-1 management committee.

Sini, who was appointed the committee’s VC in 2018, was voted to lead the consortium of 19 global telco operators, with his appointment effective from 1 July. It means the leadership of one of the largest submarine cable systems in the world is now held in Italy.

Sini commented: “This appointment is a major recognition for Retelit and for Italy for the contribution made to the project and, at the same time, a demonstration of the international positioning of the company and its professionalism.”

During his term, Sini will head the consortium's governance and operations of the submarine system and further develop the AAE-1 system to ensure “the highest levels of performance and security”.

The goal for the coming years is to further increase the total cable capacity, recently boosted from 40 to 80 Terabits per second, to over 160 Terabits per second, thus responding to the growing demand for internet traffic on the Eurasia route by Carriers and OTT’s, which has increased enormously in recent months as a result of Covid-19.

Sini continued: “Thanks to a medium/long-term strategic vision and an international expansion strategy, today Retelit is positioned as a player on the global telecommunications market and Italy is placed as a reference point in the Mediterranean basin. I would like to thank the Management Committee of AAE-1 for the trust placed in me to play such a prestigious role of significant responsibility at a time when the connection between continents is more crucial than ever.”

Sini brings 20 years of experience in the international telecommunications market and in the world of sub-marine infrastructure.

He has been with Retelit for 10 years, over which time he has contributed to shifting the company from a domestic operator to a go-to international player in the Mediterranean.

He previously worked for Telecom Italia Group as GM responsible for international subsidiaries, and at Teleglobe, the Canadian international carrier later acquired by Tata Group.