LANCK Telecom introduces A&B Number Handshake

LANCK Telecom introduces A&B Number Handshake

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International voice and SMS firm LANCK Telecom has introduced the A&B Number Handshake, a comprehensive anti-fraud solution to tackle the growing volume of robocalls and related fraud.

The A&B Number Handshake enables the direct exchange of call information between originating and terminating operators in order to compare call details and identify fraud. It is billed by LANCK Telecom as “one solution for all telecom players to deal with fraud immediately, increase customer loyalty, and decrease losses.”

Speaking to Capacity, LANCK Telecom COO, Sergey Okhrimenko, who managed the A&B Number Handshake rollout earlier this year, said: “The solution was created due to several crucial issues in mobile world: the growing volume of robocalls with CLI spoofing, growing fraud danger for operators in developing countries, and the fact that fraudsters continue to invent new scenarios.

“We saw the need for a new generation of fraud management, that would be global, real-time, out-of-band, affordable and easy to integrate. We know that only a team effort is able to take global fraud down, so we made a global product to unite our forces,” he added.

The A&B Number Handshake is an end-to-end signalling validation system whereby originating and terminating operators exchange basic call event details in real time, using an encrypted out-of-bound channel. By comparing call details and exchanging the results, the operators screen calls for potential fraud using fraud detection logic and, if fraud is identified, the fraudulent call will be blocked, preventing fraud for the end user and creating no penalty losses for the operators.

Okhrimenko added: “The reaction has been overwhelmingly positive. Industry professionals see great value in A&B Number handshake, not only does it diminish robocalls, it also mitigates multiple other fraud scenarios, such as interconnect bypass, PBX hacking, short-stopping, Wangiri, etc. The solution has been discussed in several anti-fraud workgroups at i3Forum and GSMA. We are happy with the reaction, and are glad to proceed with this solution with operators around the world.”

This solution is designed for MNOs, MVNOs, fixed line operators, virtual PBX operators and businesses and apps using Skype-like SIP agents.