HPE launches one click edge solution for telcos


Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has unveiled a new edge-based solution for telcos.

HPE Edge Orchestrato is a SaaS-based offering that enables telcos to deploy new edge computing services to customers via IT infrastructure located at the edge of telco networks or on customer premises.

Using it telcos can extend their offerings to include a range of edge computing applications which customers can deploy with a single click, across hundreds of locations.

In addition, HPE Edge Orchestrator enables telcos to monetise the 5G network and telco cloud while bringing lower latency, increased security and enhanced end-user experiences to their customers.

“Today, telcos have significant enterprise business, but they are often seen as little more than bandwidth providers, competing mostly on price,” said Phil Mottram, vice president and general manager of the communications and media solutions business unit at HPE.

“HPE Edge Orchestrator empowers telcos to move up the value chain and become trusted edge services providers, offering differentiated, high-value enterprise services as well as new edge applications for their mobile subscribers.”

“Furthermore, telcos will be positioned to compete more effectively with cloud and over-the-top competitors.”

Now telcos can offer value-added edge services transitioning from being primarily bandwidth providers to offering innovative edge computing applications, such as AI-powered video analytics, industrial automation and VR retail services.

As a result, new revenue from these high-value enterprise services, which according to the company will also help to cover the significant cost of deploying new 5G infrastructure.

Additionally, HPE Edge Orchestrator enables enterprises to combine their applications with network services offered by telcos, creating an end-to-end flow across the edge.

HPE Edge Orchestrator supports Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) with other network-as-a-service (NaaS) functions being added to the portfolio over time.

The MEC platform enables applications to run at the edge, while delivering network services that ensure a dynamic routing of edge traffic in 4G, 5G and Wi-Fi environments.