SD-WAN rate of adoption rising as firms move from MPLS: WAN Wednesday

WAN Wednesday Coevolve.jpg

Enterprises are shifting to internet-based connections and moving away from rigid MPLS solutions, listeners to Capacity’s latest WAN Wednesday webinar have heard.

Ciaran Roche, CTO of Coevolve, said in the seventh of our series of WAN Wednesday presentations that companies are “accelerating the rate of adoption of technologies such as SD-WAN”.

MPLS incurs high costs, especially as “the network is only useful at the location it services”, said Roche, one of the co-founders of Coevolve. It is “too rigid”, he added.

“An internet-based model is more suited” to today’s needs – and costs less. The Coronavirus pandemic is “an opportunity for companies to test more low-cost options” that also connect more of their user base.

“In many enterprises you can distribute the user base and have people sitting at the end of a home internet connection,” said Roche. Customers are distributing “even large CAD files” in this way.

Roche spoke in the 20-minute webinar about how companies should distribute risk. But companies are re-evaluated existing contracts, he suggested, and diverting spending to new-generation technologies.

All seven of our WAN Wednesday webinars are available free of charge online.