Infovista releases functionality enhancements to simplify SD-WAN migration

Infovista releases functionality enhancements to simplify SD-WAN migration

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New Transparent Hybrid WAN (THW) capabilities released by Infovista promises to simplify SD-WAN migration without the network reconfiguration and potential risk of downtime associated with legacy rollouts.

The upgrade is just one feature of the 20.03 version of Infovista’s Ipanema SD-WAN solution. Other features include a zone-based firewall offering network segmentation that can also be used in combination with secure web gateway services; enhanced reporting including over a year of historic data and an expanded suite of custom and default reports; and a simplified pricing model and licensing framework.

With ROI potential for retailers, manufacturers, and financial services organisations Infovista said Ipanema SD-WAN in THW mode can deliver “all the benefits of SD-WAN without expensive changes to switching or routing hardware with seamless compatibility across all leading CPE vendors”.

“We recognise that for adoption of Software Defined Wide Area Networking to deliver ROI, it needs to be simple to deploy, risk-free and easy to scale, with no ‘downside’ for enterprises and service providers. Transparent Hybrid WAN is a significant product development that enables a zero touch, lightning fast path to full-featured SD-WAN. This is a real game changer for our industry,” said Infovista chief product officer Mike Wilkinson (pictured).

“In a legacy SD-WAN rollout, there could be tens of thousands of configuration changes and potential risk of downtime. The Transparent Hybrid capability of Ipanema SD-WAN meant zero changes to the router estate, and – more critically – no disruption to business operations and no application downtime,” he added.

The global SD-WAN market grew 78% year-over-year to reach $1.9 billion in 2019, according to calculations by Omdia.

Ipanema SD-WAN is also one of only three vendors to hold full MEF 3.0 SD-WAN certification. Earlier in March, Infovista also announced it has deployed its Ipanema SD-WAN product more than 100,000 times.

“The new pricing model combined with our unique Transparent Hybrid WAN technology is designed to encourage enterprises that may previously been discouraged by the potential complexity and return on investment timescales of SD-WAN to think again,” said Wilkinson.

“In any bake-off within a large enterprise opportunity, Infovista is confident that we are the most competitively priced solution on the market, with the deepest application performance management capabilities, and by far the easiest to deploy,” he added.


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