ICT Associations Worldwide Join Tech Workers Guidance Call During COVID-19 Pandemic

ICT Associations Worldwide Join Tech Workers Guidance Call During COVID-19 Pandemic

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ICT companies from Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, EU, France, India, Japan, U.K., U.S. and Vietnam sign ITI’s call to policymakers worldwide.

28 trade associations from around the world joined ITI’s call for governments at all levels worldwide to adopt clear and uniform guidance regarding essential information and communications technology (ICT) workers for the purpose of aiding governments around the globe working to protect public health and safety during the pandemic.

The call comes as more jurisdictions issue orders restricting individuals’ freedom of movement in reaction to COVID-19.

Organisations that joined ITI in the call included European Data Center Association (EUDCA), techUK, Brazilian Association of Software Companies (ABES), amongst others.

“As governments appropriately restrict movement to stop the spread of COVID-19, technology products and services are crucial to our ability to work, learn, and communicate from home,” said Jason Oxman, ITI’s President and CEO.

“We must ensure that critical technology service workers can build, maintain and run these technology tools.

“We’re encouraged that dozens of our global industry partners are joining our call to government leaders to adopt clear guidance ensuring ICT workers can perform their critical jobs to facilitate quarantines and keep communities safe, secure and connected.”

Workers across the ICT sector are critical to the delivery of digital services and related infrastructure in support of the public health response.

The workers are also aiding health care systems and providers; enabling employees and businesses to have the ability to operate remotely, as well as securing and servicing networks, data centres and cloud services.

Inconsistent guidance from different jurisdictions who implement lockdowns, shelter-in-place orders or other restrictions on personal movement could jeopardise the ability for ICT workers to provide the products and services that people need during this challenging time.

ITI sent letters to officials in India and Brazil, as well as delivered comments to Malaysia on this issue, and will continue to reach out to other countries affected by the pandemic

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