Data Centre Operators Concerned About Site Access If UK Goes Into Full Lockdown

Data Centre Operators Concerned About Site Access If UK Goes Into Full Lockdown

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Operators are facing a number of COVID-19 related challenges and techUK has been lobbying on behalf of the industry, according to its latest statement.

Data centre operators grow more concerned about access to sites in the event of a full lockdown in the UK, as the task of limiting infection whilst providing continuity of service becomes an even greater challenge.

The list of key workers published by the UK Cabinet Office and the Department for Education on Thursday 19th March included Data Infrastructure, with DCMS also being established as a dedicated team for the data centre sector.

“The DCMS Data Infrastructure Resilience Team understand the critical role that data centres play and are ensuring that this is understood across government,” said techUK in a written statement.

“techUK is continuing to work closely with DCMS and will provide a two-way conduit for information collating industry information to aid government decision making and communicating policy and other developments out to the data centre operators, suppliers, customers and other sector stakeholders.”

It was said that the immediate focus for the company is to ensure continued access for critical staff in the event of tighter restrictions on movement without compromising the UK government’s objectives to restrict anything but essential activity.

Last week, techUK shared some of the results of its weekly calls with data centre operators, and revealed that operators have been comparing notes on how they are identifying and managing COVID-19 risks and the precautions they are putting in place.

Competitors are working together to share information on procedures to limit infection, on quarantine, on decontamination routines, on HR and supply chain issues, on security of utility supplies and other operational matters, according to techUK.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson addressed the UK on Monday evening, warning that people would only be allowed outside to buy food or medication, exercise alone once a day, and travel to work if absolutely necessary to tackle the COVID-19 outbreak.