Trump blocks US carriers from connecting with Chinese telcos

Trump blocks US carriers from connecting with Chinese telcos

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A year after the US denied China Mobile a licence to operate in the country, the regulator has widened its plans to block Chinese operators.

Brendan Carr, a member of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), has praised an executive order issued by President Donald Trump that enhances the inter-agency process for reviewing foreign participation in American telecommunications networks.

The rules are likely to restrict the ability of Chinese carriers even to connect with US operators.

The Trump order formalises a security review conducted under the aegis of the so-called “Team Telecom” – a specialist grouping of the departments of Defense, Justice and Homeland Security, among other law enforcement and national security agencies.

Carr said: “President Trump’s decision sends a clear message that the US will do what it takes to secure our communications networks from any threats posed by foreign actors.”

Last year, Carr called for the national security agencies to examine whether the FCC should revoke existing authorisations given to Chinese carriers.

Carr said: “I recommend that the committee examine every carrier owned by the Chinese government that now connects to networks here in the US – including China Unicom and China Telecom.”





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